A studio Rubín: At the end of the century fishes / A studio Rubín

A studio Rubín: At the End of the Century Fishes

A darkly pulsating drama inspired by daily dialogues of friends and their monologues with themselves. He and she, an actor and a successful artist, whose life is disrupted by arrival of two young – girls. (Isn’t it ageism?) They are interested in each other––indeed they live such exciting lives, don’t they? Yet, are they truly interested in each other or is the image of each other that captivates them? The Century of the Fish is a century of people who coldly observe. This century is slowly coming to an end. Luckily it’s almost over. Wait, is it? 


Directed by: Lucie Ferenzová
Dramaturgy: Dagmar Fričová
Stage design and costumes: Andrijana Trpković
Music: Markéta Ptáčníková
Performer: Šimon Krupa, Anita Krausová, Jana Kozubková, Michaela Skalová

Suported by: MKČR, SFK, HLMP


70 minutes, in Czech

Photo: Dita Havránková




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