ANTENA: Wizard of Hell_Lido di Dante

ANTENA: Wizard of Hell_Lido di Dante

A surreal scene in motion based on short stories „Lido di Dante“ and „Danteho peklo“ (Dante’s Inferno) by Czech writer Petr Borkovec. An animated fusion of robotics and a human into one organism, one single cable snarl of human body, cameras, lights, monitors, speakers, contact mics, sensors, and stepper motors. A striking audiovisual punch from the subconscious mind. An encounter with emotions and beauty. 


Concept/performing/sound/programing: Petr Krušelnický
Composing/sound design: Anja Kaufmann / Petr Krušelnický
Voice: Jana Kozubková
Asistant and consultant of programing: Milan Štěpánek


Supported by: MK ČR


40 minutes, no language barrier

Photo: Tereza Jakoubková

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