19. 2. / Festival Opening with PiNKBUS

19. 2. / 20:00 / Public Live Stream from Venuše ve Švehlovce YouTube and FB Malá inventura

We are thrilled to invite you to a virtual jungle. PiNKBUS is for the first time opening the Malá inventura Festival and for the first time online. Although we all miss offline, our livestream comes with a few benefits and bonuses, including a behind-the-scene stream from the performers’ dressing rooms, a glance at what is happening on stage just before audience arrives, or even the fact that La Cuntessa cannot kiss you. 

Project PiNKBUS stands for a new platform, headed by Martin Talaga, that serves as an umbrella mainly for young queer artist and brings to the Czech Republic a new creative wave. PiNKBUS continues in the tradition of Prague cabarets and variety shows, spicing it up a bit by featuring the increasingly trendy drag queens. As a response to the blooming of drag culture worldwide, the creative team presents it in Prague. This entertaining artistic performance has seen a tremendous growth in popularity, beyond LGBT community. For these composed evenings, the creators have achieved to fuse underground queer scene and established, professional artists, both local and from abroad, and the stage hosted a truly colourful palette of performers from all disciplines. 

live stream / CZ + EN


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