Jan Mocek: I am the problem / Alfred in the Courtyard

Jan Mocek: I am the problem

There’s nothing in this world which could not possibly make one feel guilty: procrastination on social networks, watching Netflix shows, eating meat, hanging up on parents, buying Huawei smartphone, expelling sudeten Germans and even feeling (or not) the guilt itself.

Originall performance “I am the problem” emerged from previous inquiries into manifestations of guilt on social networks, stemming from the clash between what we want to be and what we are. Theatre artists Irina Adreeva, Wayne Jordan and Tinka Avramova invite spectators for a 60 minute performance, to take a selfie of the shared emotion of guilt and, finally, to make an attempt to become a part of the solution rather than staying the part of the problem.


Concept, direction, scenography: Jan Mocek
Performers: Irina Andreeva, Wayne Jordan, Tinka Avramova
Cooperating artists: Sodja lotker, Táňa Švehlová
Sounds and lights: Václav Hruška
Production: Táňa Švehlová


Performance is supported by City of Prague, Ministry of Culture Czech Republic, Státní fond kultury fund and Život umělce foundation.


60 min. / in English with Czech subtitles

Photo: Adéla Vosičková


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