Lachende Bestien: Loire Valley Chateau / Venuše ve Švehlovce

Lachende Bestien: Loire Valley Chateau

A lady and her servants live at a chateau in the Loire Valley. She is a wife of Czech minister who has, extra money he has, and he could get his wife a château, château in the Loire Valley. Such a normal, from Europe, from Eastern Europe, a minister-oligarch. And work, it is simply work, for the present-day servants. How will, however, the new cook deal with all the customs, for whom work is still fulfilment in life? It’s hard to tell. We’ll see. A theatre where food and meal fly in the air. And also metaphors. And words. Mainly words. 


Author: Roman Sikora
Directed by: Michal Hába and the better in us

Performer: Zuzana Onufráková and  Čížek, Hába, Joura
Production: Hana Svobodová
Dramaturgy and and assistant director: Olívia Fantúrová
Stage design and costumes: Adriana Černá
Music: Jindřich Čížek

Suported by: Hlavní město Praha, Ministerstvo kultury České republiky


100 minutes, in Czech

Photo: Patrik Borecký

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