Taneční studio Light: Prayer (for Black Souls) / Palác Akropolis

Taneční studio Light: Prayer (for Black Souls)

The dance performance is performed by 40 to 50 children and young artists from 6 to 25 years of age – who might be probable peers of underage (or underage-looking) Syrian orphans and unaccompanied children, waiting in refugee camps for their chance to enter into a full life. The performance is based on the belief that most of these children did not choose the journey from home themselves, and above all it is almost certain that they have nowhere to return. How do these children live? Is it good to draw attention to the conditions in which they are stuck? Is it within the power of happy Czech children and young people to draw attention to the problem and try to find solutions?

The performance is followed by a discussion with the audience, led by the children themselves.

The performance was created in collaboration with war journalist Petra Procházková, children Kawsar and Narges, refugees from Afghanistan, MEP Michaela Šojdrová, camera operator Tomáš Kratochvíl and other personalities with their own experience with this problem.


Creative Team: Lenka Tretiagová, Jan Čtvrtník, Eva Stará and collective


Supported by: Hlavní město Praha, MKČR, Palác Akropolis


55 minutes, in Czech

Photo: Jakub Souček


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