Soot and Smolder: Míšenská 3, Praha, Malá Stran

Soot and Smolder:
Míšenská 3
Malá Strana

One perfect model of the Prague apartment building at Míšenská 3, four floors, four centuries, and four members of the Brotherhood of Chimney Sweepers. Mysterious instigators of human destinies, or simply narrators of real-life stories who reveal to only a small audience the story of one building and two notorious Prague occultists. The fame and fall of the “Prague Devil,” Jiří Arvéd Smíchovský, and the “Spanish Count from Kutná Hora,” Felix Achille de la Cámara del Campo y del Padrone.

Author: Adolf Mendelhof a kol.
Stage design: Rufina Bazlova
Dramaturgy: Adam Mensdorff-Pouilly
Cast: Edita Valášková, Adolf Mendelhof, Daniel Horečný, Šimon Dohnálek


50 min. / in Czech

Photo: Rufina Bazlova

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