Zdenka Josefi: Through the surface

Zdenka Josefi: Through the surface

In the theatre-visual performance Through the surface, we devote ourselves to the theme of suspension, silence in a world overwhelmed by information, technology and stress. We express the topic through physical theatre, dance, work with objects and video projection.

The inspiration of performance Through the surface is the human body, which reflects everyday experiences and reactions to them. Can we calm down, stop and find the place to breathe in the world today? Are we able to orient ourselves in the flood of information and find a quiet place?

Linguistically barrier-free, visually theatrical performance offers discussion and reflection on our ability to perceive what surrounds us in life, what overwhelm us consciously or subliminally.

The performance works with specific place of Theatre X10, integrated with the techniques of contemporary dance, physical theater, projector, objects, sound and light design.


Concept and interpretation: Zdenka Josefi
Direction assistance, video: Barbora Johansson Pivoňková
Music: Beata Hlavenková
Sound design: Stanislav Abrahám
Light design: Ondřej Růžička
Stage design, costumes: Radka Josková Produkce: Barbora Mitošinková


Supported by: Ministerstvo kultury České republiky, Divadlo X10, SE.S.TA. centrum choreografického rozvoje, KD Mlejn, Fairfilm


45 minutes, no language barrier

Photo: Barbora Johansson Pivoňková

Zdenka Josefi

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