Život on Air

Malá inventura Festival exclusive five-part series

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20. 2. / 17:00 / Artistic Director of the Malá inventura festival Petr Pola
21. 2. / 17:00 / Dramaturge at Zlínský Zvěřinec Honza Tomšů
23. 2. / 17:00 / Dancer and Choreographer Karel Vaněk
24. 2. / 17:00 / Dancer and Choreographer Marta Ladjanszki
27. 2. / 18:00 / Choreographer and Director Lenka Vagnerová


Život on Air offers a space for debate about conditions of performing arts and its relationship to how culture functions in society in a broader sense. Nová síť approached the team of „Life,“ Jiří Šimek and Emil Rothermel, to prepare for the Malá inventura Festival a series of conversations with selected festival guests and other personalities from the artistic public. 

Ninety percent of cultural and social life has relocated to online space which faces considerable limitations in terms of communication! After a year-long experience it is obvious that meeting in person cannot be replaced. What to do then, the day after? Can the cultural community/artists get ready for what will come after the pandemic? As a society, how will we recover from such a cultural and social deprivation?


offline + online/ CZ or EN


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